The following artists have agreed to be featured on our profile page.  Some of our artists choose to remain anonymous or use pen names.

AJ Hermance

AJ is the creator of Bromance Warehouse and designs a lot of the shirts you see on the site.  He works a lot in digital but spends a good amount of time in front of the sewing machine and serger.  He's influenced by 80's cartoons, Drag humor and the Brits.  He loves collaborating with other artists and watching them shine!

Shannon Fisher

Shannon works in publishing by day and is a crafting wizard/minimalist graphic designer by night.  Her clothing is featured neatly in the "Elemental" collection on the site and in the store.  She and Adam dreamed of creating a clothing line ever since they were young kids so this collaboration is literally a dream come true!


Eric Dusseault

Eric Dusseault image

Eric Dusseault's art commands attention in the shop with its beautiful imagery and use of multiple mediums.  Each piece stands separately with its own story yet you can see the common thread of emotion throughout the collection.  Eric happily resides in Pawtucket, RI and has completed a Certificate Program in Comic and Sequential Art and Children's Book Illustration at RISD.  He is an illustrator and painter at heart, having completed multiple contract pieces, including work for the Unsolicited Advice series and Sensei Shun by Jake Spencer.  Eric has had his fine arts work exhibited in the President's Gallery at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design, the Woods-Gerry Gallery of RISD and the Grossman Gallery for the School of the Museum of Fine Art.  In addition to serving as the Assistant Director of Academic Support Programs at MassArt, he also serves contractually as an instructor for the RISD's Division of Continuing Education.

Jake Spencer

Jake Spencer has a sense of humor that translates so well into his books.  He manages to get you to the laugh before you realize you're there and they just keep coming.  He has an eye for finding the funny in places you wouldn't think to look.

More to come...


Want to be a contributing artist?

We are always looking to work with new artists and expand our diversity.  We'd love to see what you have to offer and help you bring it to market.  It's really easy to join us, just email AJ here.